The Creative Mind Behind Nebula Artwear

The Creative Mind Behind Nebula Artwear

Hey Maya, first of all we are very happy you were up for a collaboration with Simplebatt Store.

Let's start with you Maya... How would you describe Maya Amoah?

Hey! Yes, I'm excited for this collaboration, I think our products complement each other well. Hmmm, well I think it's often really hard to describe yourself but I think the best word to describe myself at the moment is ever-changing. I love to travel and experience new things and people, so I can't exactly put myself in one box like I maybe could have in the past. But I definitely believe in keeping a consistent positive energy with me everywhere I go and staying open minded and creative in everyday life.

We know you are currently traveling through Europe. Can you tell us more about your journey?

My journey so far has been magical. So far my path has been smooth and has brought me to beautiful places and people. I love Europe so much! Travelling is for sure one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. And the best part is not having an exact route of where you're going next, but knowing the next chapter may be even better than the current one.

Nebula Artwear - how did you start?

I started when I was 16 and was just fooling around with paints and looking up DIY tutorials as usual. Wore a painted crop top to school and it was sorta a hit and people wanted to know where they could get one. The rest is kinda history. I started selling at some stores in my hometown, Hamilton, then expanded to Toronto and Montreal so far as well as a website. I've been super fortunate to have a supportive community behind me.

The message behind our collaboration is Express yourself, from meeting and seeing you your outer expression (in terms of style) seems in complete accordance with your inner being. How did you achieve it and what would be your recipe for other on how to achieve it?

Well, everyone has their own way of expressing themselves but luckily for me I found mine early and it was through fashion and writing. I think the recipe is trying to find what you love as a tool of expression. From that you can voice your feelings through a passion, and that is the best feeling ever!!


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